Friday, July 22, 2016

People You May Know ...

Ah, LinkedIn. So many people marketing themselves … and without any idea how to do so.

These are real, honest-to-goodness photos people took to “sell their personal brand.” I got them all from simply following the People You May Know feature to end of the Internet. I’m not sure I actually know any of them though. Hey, thanks anyway, LinkedIn.

Needless to say, all these poor people will necessarily have to go anonymous. I have included their job titles (some of which are a hoot in and of themselves).

Marketing Manager (Enough about me – let’s talk about you)

CIU Manager (Hey, have you been working out?)

Non-Functional Test Solutions Manager (mug shot – nice!)

Sr. UX Visual Designer (funny, though – Sprockets does not appear on his resume)

Roots Muse Media Gypsy (No, really, what do you really do?)

Patient Access (put a lot of effort into this shot – I can tell)

UX Designer (in a blurry, anonymous kind of way)

Higher Education Technologist, Digital Marketer and Content (and Total Geek to boot)

Co-founder (Of what though? Hmm … Sorry, can’t remember)

Front End Developer (taken at a developer’s conference, no doubt)

Director, Senior Solutions (yo, over here, Mr. Director)

Team Manager, Principal User Experience Designer and Product Owner (okay, now up a little, Mr. Team Manager, Principal User Experience Designer and Product Owner)

User Experience Designer (and wild and crazy guy, I’m sure)

Technical Recruiter (and man about town)

Experienced Change Leader (Stop it! You make my neck hurt!)

UX Content Strategist (and you made me fall off my chair!)

Interaction Design Product Manager (if you must ask)

Graduate Teacher of Record / PhD Student (and an obviously superior person to you)

VP Technology Manager - Application Security Testing (but not too damn happy about it)

Senior AIX System Administrator (and having an absolute ball!)

Contract Consultant for Sales and Recruiting (“Don’t know why I even bother”)

Manager, Global Product Management (“God, why don’t I just kill myself?”)

Senior Web Engineer (and probable serial killer)

Senior Interaction Designer (and pirate???)

CCO, Co-founder (and obviously having a little fun at our expense)

Chief Cloud Architect  

Busboy at Olive Garden (‘nuff said)