Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wear This, Not That ... with Cam Newton

In case you haven’t heard, Cam Newton, the Carolina Panthers quarterback and reigning NFL MVP, got suspended this past weekend because of a dress code violation. It was only for the opening play, though that play did result in an interception and a subsequent field goal.

Now, that violation was particularly ironic as Cam used to be one of the sharpest dressers in the league. Lately, though, he seems to have become one of the strangest. Was coach Ron Rivera taking umbrage at Cam’s increasingly odd fashion sense? 

Actually, no. Newton simply forgot to wear a tie. Though his teammates offered to let him borrow one of theirs, seeing as Cam was wearing a turtleneck, he decided that would not be a good look, electing to suffer instead for the sake of fashion.

So, Cam, sounds like you could use a little fatherly fashion advice. Here are a few tips from a guy who actually wears a tie at least once week.

Yes, Definitely

Perhaps Not

Definitely Not

Concussion Protocol